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Own & Operate

Centurion Foundation creates strategies for efficient ownership and successful operations of facilities to meet the needs of the clients and communities it serves.


Accessible quality healthcare can make a fundamental difference in the lives of people. Yet today, health systems are finding it more and more difficult to help those in need while keeping pace with developing technology, changing patient demographics, and facility needs. In response, Centurion serves its charitable mission by undertaking a broad range of services, activities, and programs promoting quality healthcare. 

We seek to provide healthcare to those who need it most, regardless of their stage of life or health. We achieve this through quality, efficient, and patient-centered care, consistent with the best and most professional service we can provide, at the highest value possible.


Higher education institutions must provide quality facilities to remain competitive, retain students and faculty, and enable academic and research priorities. Centurion offers clients flexible ownership and operating strategies that provide long-term control and a low cost of capital. 

Centurion advances education by collaborating with schools, colleges and universities to develop, finance, construct, own and operate facilities, including those designed for housing, utility systems, education and research. We offer institutions an alternative to conventional site development methods by undertaking the planning, financing, ownership, and operation of properties for the long-term benefit of the institution.

Reach us directly at 404-233-9000 and info@centurionmail.org, or learn more about how we can help on our Contact page.

Reach us directly at 404-233-9000 and info@centurionmail.org, or learn more about how we can help on our Contact page.