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Design Strategies

Hospitals, healthcare institutions, universities, and other non-profits face special challenges when it comes to owning and developing facilities.

As a mission-driven partner and advisor, Centurion approaches each project from a vantage point that aligns with your own. This enables us to create the optimal strategy for acquiring, leasing, or developing facilities and financing developments as efficiently as possible.

As a non-profit, our depth of real estate financing experience is unique in this marketplace. Accordingly, we design strategies that incorporate:

  • Customized plans to meet specific needs of users
  • Crafted solutions that address balance sheet considerations
  • Collaboration with development professionals – investment bankers, architects, planners, and more
  • Navigation through a variety of institutional and budgetary challenges

From idea to execution, Centurion is a partner whose mission is to support you in achieving your own.

No matter the demands of your unique needs, our solutions aim to reduce the cost of occupancy and enable long-term affordability and control of the project. Our goal: Help you fulfill your mission by delivering the facilities you need.

Specific strategies may include:

  • Identifying and securing capital resources such as:
    • Taxable financing
    • Tax-exempt financing
    • Tax credits
    • Economic incentives
    • Philanthropy
    • Equity investments
  • Analyzing indirect cost recovery options
  • Developing lease arrangements that are responsive to current accounting standards
  • Engaging in Public-Private Partnerships (P3) that advance your mission
  • Implementing long-term asset management solutions

With our non-profit perspective, Centurion is a partner that is uniquely positioned to transform your vision into an actionable strategy that takes communities further.

Reach us directly at 404-233-9000 and info@centurionmail.org, or learn more about how we can help on our Contact page.