Our Services

Acquire and Develop Real Estate

Healthcare facilities, along with the institutions who manage them, play a vital role, in communities’ economic and social constitution.

Since 1996, we have:

  • Acquired and developed medical office buildings, free-standing emergency departments, administrative office buildings, labs, classrooms, dorms, and other mission-critical facilities that enable growth and meet client and community needs.
  • Crafted lease agreements that minimize the cost of occupancy and maximize the ability to deliver critical services
  • Deployed creative strategies to achieve affordability, including below-market leasing, flexible lease terms, and the option for long-term ownership of the facility
  • Preserved our client’s capital and credit capacity to ensure flexibility in prioritizing key decisions
  • Engaged directly with clients to ensure the long-term vitality and value of the facilities we own, operate, or develop

Financing and developing these facilities is nuanced – there is simply no off-the-shelf option for every institution – and involves many overlapping agendas.

Centurion focuses on finding solutions by:

  • Navigating complexities and challenges unique to each organization
  • Selecting the best-fitting financial, construction, and design options
  • Managing your exposure to ownership risk
  • Pursuing developments expeditiously and economically

Reach us directly at 404-233-9000 and info@centurionmail.org, or learn more about how we can help on our Contact page.

Reach us directly at 404-233-9000 and info@centurionmail.org, or learn more about how we can help on our Contact page.