Built with purpose

The Centurion Foundation is a nimble, private-sector 501(c)(3) organization offering real estate transaction expertise and strategic leadership to non-profit health systems, institutions of higher education, and local governments.

Our purpose is to equip non-profits with the financial and technical resources needed to fulfill their mission. Through the financing, development, and ownership of facilities, Centurion works in partnership with institutions to advance their charitable purpose.

An operating model that puts clients first

Centurion creates highly customized solutions that lower clients’ occupancy costs, expedite project delivery, and allow long-term ownership. Through the Centurion Model, we analyze various scenarios to identify the one that best fits our clients’ specific needs and, regardless of the solution, achieves the lowest cost of capital for our clients. 

  1. Identify project goals
  2. Determine partnership potential
  3. Leverage Centurion’s expertise
  4. Explore mission-aligned solutions
  5. Execute on plan
  6. Transfer ownership, deliver savings
  7. Further your mission

Providing value that exceeds expectations

Centurion brings tremendous fiscal value to every engagement. In addition to saving clients significant resources, however, you will find the unique value of partnering with us is in our alignment with your mission.

Our expansive mission sets us apart from other 501(c)(3) real estate organizations and allows us to deliver unmatched results for a variety of clients.

We understand that as a non-profit, your organization does not exist for its own sake. The same holds true for Centurion. Contact us today to find out how we can help you help others.

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Portfolio Project

A lease restructuring with lasting results

Seton, a nonprofit health care system, experienced a 40% increase in rental costs for its headquarters over 10 years. By engaging Centurion – and our acquiring ownership – Seton was able to regain control of its facility, establish preferred lease terms, and ensure long-term ownership.

Portfolio Project

Savings set into the foundation

Infirmary, a prominent regional hospital in the Southeast, wanted to develop a new comprehensive outpatient care center. For-profit developers couldn’t meet Infirmary’s need to protect liquidity and debt capacity.

Portfolio Project

Expanded facilities at reduced cost

MultiCare, a large non-profit healthcare provider issued an RFP for their planned expansion, yielding responses from several for-profit national owners of healthcare real estate. In the end, they chose Centurion, another non-profit, to structure a four-building sale-leaseback, offering the lowest rent compared to for-profit options.

Reach us directly at 404-233-9000 and info@centurionmail.org, or learn more about how we can help on our Contact page.